Our Employees Are Our Valuable Assets

Web Arena Technologies is nothing but the result of the innovative wisdom of its employees Saurabh Kumar and Shashi Kumar Singh
in the contemporary era. As an entrepreneur you can get hundreds of websites as competitors for the products or services in which you are
dealing. Notwithstanding having the required quality outcomes, your firm may not be able to make its identification in this throng.
As a freelancer Web Arena facilitates you to provide your company that required recognition which it deserves with
its efficient team of three mind tanks.

Saurabh Kumar

Head- Executive Leadership

After his Management in HR, he could have easily landed up with a job in any MNC and lived in his comfort zone by earning a fixed remuneration per month. But he preferred to listen to his inkling rather than conforming to the crowd. With a degree in BSc IT and MBA and a flame to prove the mettle of his talent in his heart, he comes with a long work experience of more than 8 years. His approach is absolutely clients oriented as he is inclined to promote their websites beyond their expectations. His proficiency in HTML5 and CSS3 equips him to comprehend the sophisticated technologies of the site platform. His insatiable desire to dig out information from the search engines keeps him up to date in the current trend of the market. This knowledge facilitates him to keep the clients on an edge over their competitors. With his natural communicative temperament he is active in social media like Twitter, Linkedin and other reputed sites round the clock. This disposition further helps him to promote the sites for which he is rendering his services.

Shashi Kumar Singh

Head – Business Intelligence

After the completion of his BSc in Computer Science, his appetite for knowledge did not dampen. Hence he opted for MBA in IT which offered him the advanced knowledge of technology in the wrap of management. After working in the field for more than 8 years he has become a veteran team member who delivers the projects within the stipulated time. He does understand peculiarities of the demands through his deep knowledge in PHP, Adobe Photoshop. He runs the content management system of the firm to allow you to alter, delete, and modify the contents on the pages or entire website as per your convenience.